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As a throwback, to the glory days of 2D side scroller shooters of the old, Hive Jump does many things right. A competent pixel art, variety of ammo types, secondary equipment and abilities give the game a weighty heft. It controls right, gunfights feel good and fun and the jetpack is exhilarating to use! Since the game seems to be designed around a Co-op experience, it is fortunate that it comes packed with robust multiplayer options, both on and offline. Graphic- wise, the game boasts an impressive lightning engine that lights up the environment and the characters realistically. However, some odd and inappropriate design choices bog down the whole experience. The random generated levels start fresh and interesting at first, but before long, levels start to feel samey. Soon levels will start to blend in together, becoming more monotonous than fun. The limited pool of enemies does not help matter as well. Another dent in the game is how even the boss fights at the end of the levels are picked at random, and upon dying the player has to go through a new generated level and likely, a new boss. This leads to a repetitive cycle of going through a level, reaching a boss, dying and starting all over. The fact that some ammo types are more suitable for some bosses does not help matters either, leading to the best choice to pick basic all-purpose basic ammo. Consequently, many ammo types and equipment go unused.

In the end, it is obvious what Hive Jump is trying: to be a side scroller rogue-like. But one can’t help to wonder if a more classical approach to level design would have been a better choice for the game. As it stands, the game could be a good choice for those who do not mind the repetitiveness of the game. Others should probably stay away.

A copy of this game was provided by developer for the purpose of this review.

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